How do users prefer to receive information from brands?

Only a minority of 4% do not actively seek out content from companies, viewing only what social networks show them. See the chart below for complete data on frequency: Most people search daily for information about brands on social networks BW Lists Since users are looking for brand content regardless of generation, it is important for companies with a presence on social networks to have a publication calendar and be able to follow it to maintain the engagement of their followers – social media management platforms often offer resources to assist in the creation and administration of editorial calendars. 53% prefer to receive information via static content Social networks allow the publication of different content formats, allowing companies to exploit them according to their communication needs and the interest of their target audience.

WhatsApp and more recently TikTok

In the Capterra study, just over half of respondents (53%) said they prefer to receive information or product recommendations on social media through static content. An example of this type of material could be a post on the platform’s news feed, which is permanently maintain on the social network. How to create static content In static content, it is possible to post materials such as photos and videos, and the great advantage of the format lies in Pakistan B2B List the possibility of inserting a text or a link together with the visual content. In this context, SEO tools can be relevant to find useful keywords and hashtags, while photo editing software and graphic design tools can be appli in creating the graphic part, as they allow you to retouch photos, make montages or create promotional ads.

Allowing companies to exploit

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This is visual content in the “Stories” style, usually a few seconds video that disappears after 24 hours of its publication. Most social networks give access to the Stories format, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more recently TikTok ( on this platform the functionality is call Quick). How to create ephemeral content In the production part of a video that works as ephemeral content, just use a cell phone or tablet that is capable of making video and audio recordings. To improve the final quality of the material, inserting effects, filters or subtitles, the use of video editing programs is recommended . To a lesser extent, 12% of respondents declared themselves to be supporters of live broadcasts , also known as lives.

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