How to appear in Google Stories

Web Stories, Google Web Stories or Google web stories are a content format. Similar to Instagram Stories. Through them, you can show Google users information that is quick and easy to consume. Web Stories can become another source of traffic for your website or blog. One of the objectives of Digital Marketing is to offer content to the audience in the appropriate format. For example, there are those who prefer to read articles, as well as others who enjoy content more through videos.

What are Web Stories

Web Stories are a content format similar to email leads Instagram stories. Also known as Google Web Stories, they have a carousel style and generally appear for those who use Google on their smartphone. Its strong point is the images, which fill the device’s screen, making it possible to slide your finger horizontally to navigate the slides. Web Stories also contain text, although visual resources gain more prominence. If you’ve never seen Web Stories, check out the example below to give you a better idea of ​​where they appear.

Some recommendations for creating Web Stories

Looking at it from a more BW Lists technical point of view. Web Stories are like other Internet pages and must follow the same good practices to gain positioning. Google makes several recommendations that are worth checking. Among the main good practices. We can mention the use of videos , which are the most indicated . After all, they generate more engagement than texts and images, which should only be used in a complementary way. Google also suggests using no more than 280 characters in each slide. Even text should not be used in the image format.

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