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When registering customers, the system offers anonymization of their data based on the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD). Trinks is a management software for beauty salons and barbershops, as well as other beauty businesses, which offers a time booking engine where you can view all professionals’ schedules or specific schedules, in order to find available times for scheduling . Still in the management of the agenda BW Lists for beauty salons, with the aim of reducing the flow of cancellations, the software offers an unlimit system of notifications, with which it is possible to send automatic reminders to customers, via email or SMS. In terms of marketing and customer relationship, Trinks helps create loyalty programs, allows the automatic sending of messages and emails on commemorative dates and return invitations to customers who have not schedul new visits for some time.

Trinks is a management software

In addition, the system also offers resources for issuing electronic invoices and for calculating commissions, quotas and discounts on monthly closing. Trinks is aim at businesses of different sizes and can be use for five days free of charge so that users can test its functionality. What to consider when selecting a beauty salon program? Choosing the Tonga B2B List best salon program that meets your business needs can be confusing, especially if you don’t have in mind what you’re looking for. Here are some points to keep in mind in your search: Integration with other platforms: if your salon already has other digital tools to help with the routine, investigate whether there is integration with the software you are considering.

Determine what your salon’s long

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For example, if WhatsApp is a communication channel widely used by your business or if Facebook is your main marketing channel, it is worth considering software that can integrate with these platforms. Analyze all features: more than routine management, salon programs can also support business growth. Some systems include digital marketing features to drive promotional campaigns or send customer reminders, which can help reduce churn. Determine what your salon’s long-term goal is and see which tool can support you in your endeavor. Keep an eye on the limitations: many beauty salon programs offer different types of plans, with certain limitations on the amount of professional registration or client registration. Therefore, keep in mind the ideal amount for each resource in order to avoid unexpected migrations of plans, which can increase the budget.

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