How to do a Content Marketing Audit

Add to Your Homepage Design (and 5 things to remove) Andy Crestodina How to Design a Button that Gets Click: 7 Tips for Calls to Action Andy Crestodina There is more where this came from… The best articles from this blog are available all in one place – our book. Now on it’s 6th ition. Content Chemistry The Illustrat Handbook for Content Marketing is pack with practical tips real-world examples and expert insights. A must-read for anyone looking to build a content strategy that drives real business impact. Check out the reviews

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New window. SEO is slow. It can take years to build your authority and rankings. Search engine optimization is the slowest form of marketing I know of. It really is. But there’s one big shortcut. The key is to focus on b2b email list the right pages and the right phrases. You likely already have pages that rank but don’t yet rank high. If you use data to find a page that already ranks for a “striking distance” keyphrase then you can update that page and improve the rank very quickly. And in the end you’ll discover that the same changes

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Your rankings also improve engagement. Here’s the quick summary then we’ll go into detail. Find the striking distance keyphrases (Google Search Console) Confirm the BW Lists rankings Check the keyphrase relevance of the page Find the closely relat phrases Improve the page (ChatGPT) Wait a week… check the rankings! Measure the results (GA4) This post is our step-by-step guide to improving your Google rankings and search traffic fast. It’s the only SEO shortcut that I know of and my most reliable SEO win. I’ve done it

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