How to evaluate customer service satisfaction?

Change in Customer Service The new rules will only come into force in October 2022 . It is worth remembering that the SAC Law is valid only for companies in the segments regulat by the Government (ie, activities regulat by federal agencies, such as Anatel or ANTT ). Some of the services that must comply with the rules of the SAC Law BW Lists are banks, telephone and cable TV companies, insurance companies and transport companies. Other areas of activity, such as retail, may base their services on the Consumer Protection Code . Consumers are not et ready for synthetic voices on calls As mention, recently, new customer service models have emerg –many of them focus on automation by artificial intelligence (AI)–, but they have not yet been able to break certain paradigms.

Consumers are yet ready for synthetic

You know that voice service that offers a menu of options, being able to understand what the customer says? This usually happens thanks to AI. Many of these AI services are perform through a recording, using synthetic voices. Capterra want to know consumers’ preference in this type of voice interaction, and the result shows that only 3% prefer Uganda B2B List to speak with a synthetic voice on a customer service call – the data adds up to all synthetic voice options: female, male or without gender preference. Human voice is people’s favorite Most respondents (67%), as shown by the survey, still prefer assistance through a human voice, regardless of gender. The advantages and disadvantages of each service channel In the survey on customer service, Capterra want to understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of five types of support that are already part of consumers’ routine.

The advantages and disadvantages

Email List

Check the result below. Phone calls Telephone calls, usually concentrat in call centers, are perhaps the most widespread type of service among consumers. When ask to choose up to three advantages of this service channel as the main factor, 81% of consumers highlight the possibility of explaining themselves better or asking more questions when using it. On the other hand, people highlight “waiting in line” as the main negative point of this channel – 79% this aspect as a disadvantage. Tips for using telephone answering Stay on topic : 48% see a disadvantage of the phone as agents trying to sell more products or services than necessary.

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