How To Fix: “WordPress: There Has Been a Critical Error on this Website”

Building and managing a website has never been easier, thanks to WordPress. This free, open-source software allows individuals and businesses to create sharp, functional sites for everything from e-commerce stores to blogs. However, one aspect of running a successful website is handling any technical issues, such as critical errors. 

Fortunately, WordPress makes it relatively. Easy to stay on top of errors, and you don’t need extensive programming knowledge to fix them.

What Does a Critical Error on WordPress Mean?

As the name suggests, a critical error is a significant problem within your WordPress site.


The issue is severe enough that usa phone number list WordPress can’t load all of its scripts or files until it gets resolved.


In early versions of the platform, a critical error resulted in a “white screen of death” that prevented users from doing anything until they fixed the problem.


Fortunately, updated WordPress sites will get a link to the debugging guide and an email with more detailed information about the error.

How Do I Fix a Critical Error on My WordPress Site?

If you received an email after the error, fixing it should be pretty easy. The email should have more details about what caused the error message and how you can fix it.


Typically, critical errors are caused BW Lists by faulty themes, plugins, or a lack of memory. In those cases, deleting or updating the offending programming will usually get your site back on track. 


Critical error emails also contain a link to access your website in recovery mode so you can fix the issue quickly.


After logging in, you’ll see the error with a link to the specific page where you can take care of the problem.

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