How to select the best system for building material store?

Task categorization works through the use of hashtags. Thinking about the GTD methodology, this application also allows an overview (and customiz, if applicable) of the tasks, with the possibility of listing the workload of team members. The user can also share files with other people. From the bell icon, the user can access all the available BW Lists notifications about the projects he participates in. In terms of automation, it is possible to configure sending emails when deadlines are due or tasks are complet, in addition to creating automation rules. 4. Trello Trello is another tool use within the GTD methodology Example of a Trello checklist task ( Source ) Overall Rating. Trello is another tool that can support the GTD methodology. On this platform, activities are distribut on cards where the user can assign tasks, create checklists, define deadlines within a calendar, archive or delete activities.

Trello is another tool that can support

When it comes to categorizing activities, the user can use one of the colored labels that will be displayed on the card. This task management application offers a wizard based on natural language that allows the creation of automations and the Belarus B2B List creation of custom buttons that collaborate in the development of processes. To configure the notifications, the user can establish how far in advance he prefers to receive them. In terms of collaboration, Trello has a security setting in which the user assigns “observers” to a board, who can view tasks but have restrictions on taking action. Still considered to be a very analog sector , one of the challenges for civil construction retail is the shift towards digitalization.

Still considered to be a very analog

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Even if many operations are still “offline”, the industry and construction material stores seem to be achieving good results in the post-pandemic scenario. A Visa survey shows that the purchase of materials for works, for example, increased by 38% in the first three months of 2021 alone . One of the explanations for this is that, during the quarantine, the demand for renovations at home increased in order to adapt to the new reality of work. For the next few months, the number of people who intend to renovate their homes has increased.

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