How To Use The 3 Types of Search Queries to Reach Your Marketing Goals

Most people who search online just look for what they want to find. They aren’t really thinking about the type of search query they’re creating, and may not even know that there are different designations.

The three types of search queries are navigational (finding something), informational (learning something), and transactional (buying something).

When your company has a clear understanding of how to get found in all three of these searches, you can expect to see a rise in potential customers finding your site.

Navigational Search Queries

When a user has a navigational search query they’re looking for a particular website. For example, they might go to the Google search bar and type in “Instagram” or “YouTube.”

Sometimes a searcher will also type in buy phone leads a specific store, brand, or product as a navigational search. This can help them quickly find the item or company. They’re looking for, instead of making a guess at the store or brand’s web address.

While many searchers will simply type the site’s address into the search bar, not every site has the “expected” URL. Some sites may use a different URL from the company name, for example, and spoof sites that have similar web addresses can put searchers at risk.

Informational Search Queries

An informational search query occurs when a searcher wants to learn about a topic. They might type in something that’s very broad in scope, such as “Ford trucks” or “Chicago.”

These users are looking to BW Lists learn about their search query. They might be considering a new truck, or maybe they want to move to a big city.

If they aren’t sure what sizes and styles of trucks Ford offers, for example, they may search the vehicles as a broad topic that they can start to narrow down. The same is true with a location, as they might not know for sure if Chicago is right for them without further research.

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