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as an IPB Agriculture student, he grew a strong sense of self-confidence, which enabled him to go further. Maskuri believes that everything can be learned as long as you are willing to try and have strong motivation. In the end, with his confidence, Maskuri decided to return to the world of IT from 1999 until now. Learn and Learn Again The first time Maskuri received. Information about the Cloud and Back-End Developer. Scholarship Program through. The website and Facebook Dicoding , Maskuri received many benefits. From this scholarship program. The desire to learn Server Architecture has been. On his wish list for a long time . According to him, this scholarship program is closely related to knowing server architecture. Increasing knowledge about networks, security, system and database settings is very necessary when a programmer.

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He added that this scholarship program also improves his skills in considering what kind of execution a company or office should carry out if they are going to build computer infrastructure for the first time. “ AWS offers some interesting options for building a computer infrastructure company, ” said Maskuri. Maskuri is not alone. There are 9,000 scholarship recipients who also reap real ws database benefits from this international AWS standard curriculum. As many as 90% of AWS scholarship graduates think that the quality and teaching materials of this scholarship program are between good and very good, and cannot be found in other classes or platforms. Of the 1,600 graduates surveyed, the level of graduate satisfaction reached 4.7 out of a total of 5 points (very satisfied). Dreams and Inspirational Messages When asked about Maskuri’s goals and dreams for the future, he said, ” I want to be obsessed with working in a big.

IT company or working with

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a foreign company like Google. I’ve tried applying it, but it hasn’t cracked until now .” As a senior programmer with a wealth of experience, Maskuri gave a message to young developers and developers with disabilities, ” Keep learning and keep learning because the IT world continueraduates think that the quality and teaching materials of this scholarship program BW Lists are between good and very good, and cannot be found in other classes or platforms. s to develop .” Apart from giving tips regarding competence, Maskuri also reminded the younger generation to learn good manners and behavior, ” Because without good character and morals, all the skills and skills we have are meaningless.

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