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With the risk of the planet’s temperature increasing by 2.7 degrees Celsius in this century, the possibility of the Amazon entering a point of no return and the possible Sixth Extinction of the species already underway, the news about the future of the planet is not not optimistic. Some people have already realiz the dangers and have already BW Lists taken some measures in their daily lives. But what about companies? How have you been dealing with the issue of sustainability? The truth is that some already manage waste or invest in recycling. However, there are other (and even more current) ways of dealing with sustainability in the corporate environment – ​​investing in carbon credits could be one of them. In this article, Capterra talks with experts on the issue of sustainability.

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Vanessa Pinsky , specialist in sustainability and innovation strategies and nam LinkedIn Top Voice 2021 in Sustainability, and Fernando Beltrame. Although, president of the sustainability consultancy ECCAPLAN and creator of the Carbon Turkey B2B List Fair platform. Our goal is to understand what carbon credits are, how companies can invest and other sustainability strategies available on the market. What is the relationship between the environment and companies? It became customary for the subject of sustainable development to appear in newspapers or magazines specializing in business issues. Vanessa Pinsky explains that the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda has advanc a lot since 2020 in some sectors.

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The ESG agenda has come a long way since 2020 As she explains, several converging factors led to the prioritization of the ESG agenda, including the last three global risk reports from the World Economic Forum (page in English), the integration of the ESG agenda by the financial asset manager BlackRock and the pandemic itself. COVID-19 with its multiple converging crises (health, social, environmental, economic, political, geopolitical and democracy). However, there are still other factors, according to the expert, such as the growing awareness of leaders and entrepreneurs about the complex and systemic problems of the planetary crisis, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, scarcity of resources, inequality and poverty.

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