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According to a survey publish by Mundo RH , 74% of Brazilian IT and business leaders responsible for the back office believe that the digitalization of documents is fundamental for the company’s digital maturity, since it is possible to register gains in agility and operational efficiency with this practice. Next, we explain what document management is, focusing on its electronic application. What is document management? Document management BW Lists is the process of creating, organizing, classifying, backing up and protecting a company’s files. In the online environment, the same activity is call electronic document management, also known by the acronym GED, and can be perform using document management software . The digital management of a company’s assets makes it easier to access, edit and share files. Also, the organization of documents carri out digitally streamlines processes and allows several people to have access to information, even remotely.

Document management is the process

In addition, with access control done via each user’s permissions, it is much easier to block confidential information and prevent any sensitive data from being corrupt or disclos to those who do not have access permission. The benefits of document management Many companies are still in the process of understanding what document Bolivia B2B List management is, so it is important to highlight the advantages of the technique, accessible to companies of different sizes. Categorization allows quick access to any information, which contributes to the productivity of different sectors or departments, since less time is wast searching for files. Documentation of new information is also made easier, as it is almost instantly shar with the system and quickly becomes accessible to everyone who has the appropriate permissions.

With the decrease in physical archives

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Data security, in the context of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD) , is another important aspect of the GED. With practice, it is possible to draw virtual control points in order to block all users who do not have permission to access a specific category or sublevel. Furthermore, there is the possibility of tracking access to find out who view a document or made changes, which can favor governance management and prevent loss of material. With the decrease in physical archives, the space need to file documents is also reduc, which can be use for other purposes. This is capable of generating less use of paper, which contributes to the environment and to the company’s finances. How to manage documents.

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