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You can move on to creating mium-quality video content on a decent phone. Bottom line: you don.T ne a lot of money to create brand videos. Who knows? You could create the next big viral video using just your smartphone! 36. Capture shares. Visibility and new followers with a giveaway or contest the beauty of running a giveaway or contest on your social mia accounts is that it.S easy and. Depending on what you offer. Can be very inexpensive. Obviously. You Introduce journalists can give away your product or service but. If this doesn.T lend itself to the model.

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You can give away relat material. For example.  Email List If you.Re a social mia manager. Consider doing a giveaway for a camera or phone (with a great camera) that your customers could use to generate their images. Looking for some inspiration? Check out these amazing instagram giveaways . 37. Immerse yourself in video with ucational content video can be an intimidating digital marketing mium to dive into. Which is why we love the humble but oh-so-helpful instructional video. Not only is it cheap – hello. Smartphone camera! – but most consumers do not have high expectations of ucational videos; the main requirement is that they are clear and.

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Therefore. Useful. So. Go ahead: ucate your industry on something you know well. And while doing so. Let your experience and   BW Lists personality shine. If you have a marketing team. You could also create a series of instructional videos where individual team members provide instruction in their area of expertise. Ucational videos can also help you provide superior customer service by giving you creative content marketing resources to send to customers to help them solve common problems or share a marketing experience.

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