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the level of satisfaction with a store is greatly influenc by the delivery service, which should lead companies to be aware of the logistical speed. tip for companies In addition to having good suppliers that can speed up the delivery of your customers’ orders, one way to make the process more efficient is to use delivery tracking tools to keep the BW Lists consumer inform of each step of their purchase. 4- Online advertising will be essential to attract online consumers Shopping on social networks, although not a new modality, is still on the agenda thanks to new corporate resources that the platforms themselves launch to improve the users’ shopping experience. Capterra investigat the matter and the data were publish in the article Of those who have already purchas via social networks, 60% said they were influenc by paid ads.

Online advertising will be essential to attract

In the study, it was discover that 62% of online consumers had already purchas via social networks, in a type of purchase modality that can start with a click through some publication. Of the people who have already purchased via social media, half (52%) said they spent between R$100.01 and R$500.00 per month on these transactions. For e-commerce in 2023, fast deliveries will be fundamental When ask what type of content most influenc them Burma B2B List to buy on social media, 6 out of 10 consumers (60%) cite paid brand or product advertising. Paid advertisement partnership coming from influencers (46%) and unpaid content such as posts from friends (42%) are next. tip for companies A business’ presence on social media can be managed through the use of social media management platforms , which often include features such as post automation and content calendar creation.

Paid advertisement partnership coming

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To make social media campaigns viable, companies can use social media marketing software that allows them to automate the creation and analyze their performance. 5- Companies will be able to diversify their portfolio of services or products by investing in the subscription model The recurrence economy –a term used to designate services based on subscriptions– seems to have strengthened in Brazil. At least that’s what the Recurrence Economics survey points out: 94% of online consumers surveyed by Capterra have some kind of subscription.

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