It is common to use bullet points

So that the user can read the texts, view the images and understand the content easily, especially the elements that you want to highlight! Images The use of images also helps a lot to communicate an offer, arouse interest and give more cribility to the value proposition. If the objective of the landing page is to generate leads through an e-book, for example, you can include the book cover. In addition to photos, other design elements, such as arrows and banners, can be us to indicate important elements, such as a form and call to action.

Description Landing pages usually have

Small texts that help the user understand the offer instantly. In descriptions , it is important to be succinct, objective and summarize ideas in short sentences, highlighting the most interesting aspects. It is common to use bullet points, bold words, numbers and videos for this! Form For the user to fill in their data, there must be a form on the landing pages! The definitive Inbound Marketing Handbook Never fail to carefully evaluate what information will be request and the  new data size of the form, taking into account the personas , their stage in the funnel and the objective of the page. In general, the more data is request, the fewer people will take the desir action! Tip.

White Space White space is essential to

new data

Business Intelligence: what it is and how important it is Menus Since the elements of a landing page must be chosen carefully so as not to distract the Internet user , it is not recommend to use menus. This is because your potential customer may feel attract to one of the items and leave the page without converting! White Space White space is essential to make a landing page easier to read , as is common in articles and books. The spacing BX Lists between images, sentences and other compositions on the page helps the reader understand the offer and notice highlight elements

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