It is worth knowing that just buying an ad

Is behind us – a meeting, or rather a breakfast of the e-commerce industry, which was organiz in the stationary ition in Katowice after a two-year pandemic break. It was an important and inspiring meeting that allow for the exchange of thoughts and comments. But also for the transfer of very specific and practical knowlge. Which is so important in the era of constant changes in the world around us. Five experts present different perspectives and shar honest stories with the audienceabout its activities in the field of sales, marketing and logistics in e-commerce. Not every online store has the ability or budget to implement the solutions present on InCommerce.

Marketing In Post-pandemic Age

However, every e-business should be aware of emerging threats and develop its own strategy to minimize potential losses. In this way, it will build its competitive advantage over the less prepar. And there is a lot to fight for million tons of eco-pea  coal is worth it especially today.  InCommerce No. – meeting of the e-commerce industry November , Katowice – Central Zone Organizers Sempai and AtomStore inCommerce No. under the patronage of IAB whatsapp mobile number list Polska, DIMAQ – Digital Marketing Qualification, Chamber of Electronic Economy, Efficient Marketing, Marketer+, E-commerce in Practice. The partners of the event were takaoto.,, SZYmonslowik, Olza Logistic, onelectro and the Helion publishing house.

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Establish Your Company An Authority

Online store advertising – how to do it right? Paulina Roszko November , You will read in ~ min. Blog_online-shop-advertisement_how-to-do-it-good_ _ Your online store does not generate the revenue you expect, although you beat sales records in-store? Or maybe still few people have heard about your business, despite the fact that  you invest in advertising? Both of these scenarios are often on the minds of entrepreneurs., on Facebook, or a guest article BW Lists about your brand is not enough. Today we will tell you how to promote your own online store in an effective way.

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