When the launch finally started I was

Fortunately, I have a good script and slides ready, so all I have to do is edit the slides a bit, record the videos, edit them, and rebuild the pages. After all, it’s routine after it’s been done once 4. Social media I have already booked a new sparring session with Karoliina for this. I want to invest in this carefully and properly. I trust Karoliina’s advice, she has sparred with me this spring and I am super satisfied with her help. 5. Emails Next time I will send fewer emails.  and leave 2-3 days between messages. I don’t make big changes to the content of the emails, because the messages I used engaged the readers and inspired new students to join the coaching. 6.

I start sending emails earlier

tracking was simply forgotten. In retrospect, of course, it’s easy to calculate the average conversion of the entire launch, but next time I want latest database to invest even more in this. I’m still not sure how I’m going to implement this in practice, so I have to schedule time for this right before the beginning of April. Thus! In total, sales totaled €22,575, when  through invoicing (€4,770) Ps the €0.41 in the picture came from testing the online store with Riita How did I launch a 22575 euro online course? I hope this post helped you and you found this useful. Even though this particular launch took about 91 working hours, I’m super happy and grateful for it. I enjoyed every moment, and I decided early on to just have fun.Favicon – How to add it to your blog – Tutorial For understanding technology | 1 Comment | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared…

I include the students who came

like HBO’s theme songs 141 SHARES Facebook 141 Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn A favicon is a small icon that appears in the browser. In this post I will go through it, does this small picture matter to the blog how to make a favicon yourself and how to add it to your blog (WordPress | Blogger) Favicon Favicon Favicon The favicon appears in the browser in front of the blog or site name. The BW Lists favicon will also appear in bookmarks, making it easier to recognize the blog or site among other bookmarks. Is this small image vital to the blog? Is not.

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