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According to an expert, Brazil has around 300,000 online sellers, while registering more than 5 million CNPJs that have never sold online . A full plate for marketplaces that do want to attract these shopkeepers to their platform. Although, help enterprising people who want to switch to digital, Capterra gives in this text the main tips on how to sell on BW Lists the marketplace. Check out! What is a marketplace? The marketplace is a platform dedicat to the purchase and sale of products or services, which are market by different retailers in the same space. The best way to understand the marketplace concept is to think of a shopping mall. The marketplace platform provides the structure and merchants “rent” a space to build their store and sell their merchandise; each with its type of product and its prices.

The infrastructure offer by marketplaces

In the language of e-commerce, sellers are call sellers by marketplace companies. There are marketplaces of different types: Generalist marketplaces: in this type of platform, it is possible to find the most varieproducts, divid by Central African Republic B2B List categories. Although, of this type of platform are: Amazon, Americanas, Submarino, Magalu and Mercado Livre. Niche marketplaces: this type of system focuses on a particular product category, which can be in the sports segment, pets, beverages, among others. Examples of this type of platform are: Netshoes (for shoes), MadeiraMadeira (for household items) and Cobasi (pet shop items). Service marketplace: in this case, service providers connect with customers (individuals or legal entities) who have a certain demand.

Examples of this type of platform

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Some service marketplaces are oHub (administrative and financial services), Singu (beauty salon services) and GetNinjas (IT services). Although, infrastructure offer by marketplaces includes space to promote products, payment management with the possibility of accepting different methods and assisting with delivery logistics. Add to this is the fact that, when joining a marketplace, the retailer also benefits from the influence of a brand already consolidat in the market. The advantage of selling on marketplaces is that, in general, they are well-establish names in national retail, and receive a very high daily flow of visits, which can directly contribute to sales for companies that are still taking their first steps in e-commerce.

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