Leverage what you’ve already created by repurposing content

Don’t waste your content. Each piece you create can be reposted or repurposed on another channel. For example, we turned our video on ChatGPT for SEO into a blog post: Ahrefs’ video on ChatGPT for SEO Ahrefs’ blog post on ChatGPT for SEO There are many ways you could do this. For example, you could turn: Blog posts -> Reddit posts Blog posts -> X threads X threads -> LinkedIn posts TikTok videos -> YouTube Shorts and IG Reels TikTok videos -> X and LinkedIn posts And more. FURTHER READING

Leverage whatoost your pages’ rankings with intrnal links

Internal links can pass PageRank, which can help boost a page’s rankings. Here’s how to find internal link opportunities on your website with a top industry data free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) account: Run a crawl with Site Audit Go to the Internal link opportunities report Search for the URL of the page you want to boost Choose “Target page” from the dropdown Finding internal link opportunities using Ahrefs’ Site Audit You’ll see a list of internal linking opportunities. For example, here’s a suggestion to link to our post on faceted navigation from our one on duplicate content:

Build traction byLeverage what“hunting” your website on Product Hunt

Product Hunt (PH) is Reddit for BW Lists product launches. Many household names like Zapier, Slack, and Notion got their start there. It’s not just for singular products either. If you have new tools, features, or even “content products” (e.g., a course), you can launch on Product Hunt. For example, we’ve been around since 2011. But in 2020, we launched Ahrefs Webmaster Tools and promoted it on Product Hunt: Promoting Ahrefs Webmaster Tools on Product Hunt in 2020 Success on Product Hunt is not “submit and pray.” The most important factor is the work you do before launching, specifically building a following of people who would advocate for your product.

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