LinkedIn is Improving Search Results. How to Make Your Content Shine For Your Audience?

Improving search results seems to be becoming a priority for different channels. In fact, it hasn’t yet been a week since I talked about in order to prioritize quality content on SERPs.


And LinkedIn is making moves in this direction as well. And, just like goes far beyond answering queries in a post. 

The Before and After of Post Search on LinkedIn


I’ll take myself as an example here. I’m a Content Strategist here at  and I love using the professional social platform to discover the next trends in telephone number list Marketing or reading opinions from experts. That’s one of the best ways of using LinkedIn for me. 


So, to build your brand presence on this platform, it’s going to be even more important to publish relevant content for your audience. 

Answer Your Public’s Needs

Let me remind you that, earlier this year, LinkedIn already changed its algorithm to prioritize quality content. So, everything points to the fact. That LinkedIn focuses on a more relevant and helpful experience for its users.  

In a scenario where everybody is making content BW Lists and everybody wants to be seen, showing your expertise is going to be key to building a reliable brand on LinkedIn.

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