Local SEO: A Look at Why It Matters – and How to Get Started

Local search results let people find whatever products and services they want and then follow turn-by-turn directions straight to the front door of the business.

Hungry? Just look for restaurants near me. Feeling bored? Hey, check for escape rooms, arcades, and other entertainment venues in the area. Want anything else at all? Type in your search terms and away you go.

So, if you’re trying to increase foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar business, embracing the power of local search is a must. Otherwise, you’re bound to get left in the dust by competitors in the know.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO, or search engine optimization, allows business owners to improve the visibility. Of their brand when users perform local searches. These searches cold calling scripts for bankers use keywords that show an intent to find a restaurant, shop, or other physical place of business in the area.

The results typically show up in the map pack up top to make navigating to the business quick and easy. Additional results show up below the map to let users navigate to relevant brands’ websites if they wish.

Why Does It Matter

If you’re not optimized for relevant local search terms, your business won’t show up at the top of the map results, potentially taking you out of the running altogether.

You will likely lose foot traffic to your BW Lists competitors who enjoy better visibility from ranking higher on the page.

Local searches are big business, too. Over 46% of all searches have a local search intent.

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