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People who have already purchas products or services via social networks, when it comes to assessing what type of content most influences their purchases, just over half (60%) declar themselves influenc by paid advertising for companies and products. Such types of ads can be creat via social media marketing software , which also allow BW Lists tracking performance metrics of advertising pieces. In the survey on the use of social networks in Brazil, more than half highlight the influence exert by paid advertising For companies looking to invest in paid advertising on these channels, the second part of Capterra’s series show that, of people looking for information about brands on social networks, 80% said they like the fact that they post discounts and promotions.

User spending on purchases via social network

How much do people usually spend on purchases via social networks? Still in the analysis of the behavior of the interviewees in social commerce, in general, more than half of the interviewees (52%) spend between R$ 100.01 and R$ 500.00 per month – once again, the data refers to people who have previously purchased on social media. User spending on purchases via social networks When making a segmented cut, in all spending Macau B2B List ranges from those who spend BRL 50.01 per month, those who were more likely to spend more on purchases via social networks were generation Y/Millennials (born between 1978 and 1995 ). The main types of products purchas via social networks Knowing the type of items that people have already purchased via social media.

Types of products purchased via social

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In this sense, Capterra also investigated what kind of products or services respondents, with previous shopping experience on social networks, have already purchas through these platforms. The information is in the graphic below: Types of products purchas via social media In addition, it is important to highlight that 8 out of 10 (84%) respondents who have already made purchases via social networks stated that they tend to purchase different products on these channels compar to their normal purchases. Only 16% said they buy the same types of products. What is the main channel use to buy on social media? It is already known that more than half of respondents use social networks to buy, but important information is still missing.

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