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Automat inventory management brings greater visibility to the manager, as it facilitates inventory control , in addition to allowing the tracking of goods. Some building material store systems have preconfigur tools to optimize inventory planning, and may also include features such as cost tracking, item and supplier management. 2. Financial BW Lists management systems Financial management systems help construction retailers keep their finances on track Financial management software is use to analyze the financial stability of organizations and visualize the future performance of the area. In practice, they help to keep track of the company’s budget through dashboards and reports for financial administration, treasury management, revenue recognition and budget forecasts.

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Access to this information, through a financial management tool, can help entrepreneurs visualize their company’s data and also generate insights to help the business prosper. 3. ERP systems ERP systems integrate different activities of the same company The acronym ERP comes from the English Enterprise Resource Planning and means enterprise Mali B2B List resource planning. It is a software that integrates all departments and functions of the company in the same environment. ERP systems handle processes such as manufacturing, logistics, distribution, billing and accounting, as well as other business activities including sales, billing and HR management. As one of the hardware store systems, ERP software can help in running different daily activities of a company.

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E-commerce platforms E-commerce platforms are also a program for a building material store For construction material stores that want to create an online sales operation, e-commerce platforms are responsible for organizing different aspects of the user’s shopping experience, such as browsing and searching for products made by visitors on a website. But this is just the “visible” part of e-commerce . Behind a website, e-commerce systems perform functions such as shopping cart management, product categorization and tax administration. This type of platform can also include integration tools for call center support, customer relationship management, and security systems that protect your customers’ data. Base on your business model, if you think you will have to constantly call this sector.

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