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Blended learning: Support blended learning – a blend of classroom and online learning – with online tools and chat features such as bulletin boards. Mobile Learning: Giving students access to course material through an LMS app or website so they can also study on their mobile phone or tablet. Tests/assessments: creation and BW Lists management of tests and other means of assessing proficiency or learning. Training and e-learning programs E-learning tools are used to create interactive educational content. Classes or courses are taught by digital means and electronic devices. Attention It is necessary to take into account that an online class, training or lecture is very different from an event in a classroom or in a physical location suitable for training.

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Describe the purpose of the lesson or training and only then get down to business. Main functionalities of the training and e-learning programs: Creating responsive online classes and courses for multiple devices the easy way. Follow-up of results. Availability of interactive elements such as assessments and quizzes. Predefined templates to Kazakhstan B2B List facilitate the creation of classes. Possibility of personalizing online classes with the corporate identity of the company or institution. Support for various file types such as iFrame, Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and presentation programs. Possibility of joint use with LMS systems. Presentation software Presentation programs help instructors and teachers to aggregate information and present it visually.

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With this type of application, you can share presentations with students by uploading them to the LMS system, a collaboration tool, or via email, for example. print screen powerpoint Presentation software, such as PowerPoint, allows the creation of more visual content to help distance learning students ( Source ) Main features of presentation software: Tools to add information in text, images, audio, video and graphics. Customizable templates to quickly and creatively assemble presentations with colors, fonts and effects. Media library with icons, images and graphics to be used in presentations. Text animations and slide transitions.

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