Marketing Calendar 2023 Key Dates for Organizing Marketing Campaigns

We say hello to 2023 and get to work. Because if there’s one thing we know. It’s that January is the month for the post-Christmas hangover. But it also brings with it endless event planning meetings and marketing plans. 

To help brands with this task. Qualified produces a very complete calendar every year summarizing key dates. Which is downloaded by more than 9,500 brands worldwide. The tech company, a European model for collecting data through interactive marketing campaigns, is sharing its experience and resources to help brands make the most of the opportunities 2023 brings. If you are interested in getting it, you can download it through this link.

Essential tool downloaded by over 9,500 brands every year

Every year, brands from all over Europe eagerly await the release of for the Qualifio calendar. Each version has been downloaded by over 9,500 marketing professionals executive data from Europe’s leading brands. This comprehensive document is an important tool for planning campaigns in advance and finding creative ideas for marketing actions. The Qualifio calendar brings together more than 370 events around which content can be created and has become a reference in the industry.

Bringing together more than 370 key events and dates

The 2023 calendar consists of multiple dates and events where a brand can encourage its community and engage with them in an original way. The calendar includes more BW Lists than 370 events, from Mother’s Day to Popcorn Day .

Waiter’s Day and even Nutella Day, allowing branding and marketing professionals to stay on top of all the important dates of the year. This version is available as a PDF and can be added to Google Calendar, as well as in an online format. Do you want to have more than 370 events on hand? Download the 2023 Marketing Calendar here.

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