How should companies perceive marketing changes

Philip Kotler spoke about in 1986, and the concept becomes more relevant every day. There are many studies on how in such a short time this whole vision has gained relevance. It is up to companies to know how to stay up to date in terms of strategies, practices and technologies. Among the most modern and important concepts that Kotler has continued to develop, Marketing 4.0 is undoubtedly the one that best reflects the reality of the market and companies at a time when technology and digital resources set the tone.

Managing market perception

No matter how obvious and striking email contact list it may be for people. It is always important to study how has its relevant percentage in building the image of a company. This is only possible, too, if there are larger institutions to support it. There is a lot of work to be done by media agencies. Communication vehicles, sponsorships of relevance to society. Support from regulatory bodies, among others. When the relationship is properly built with these institutions, brands can build a much more trustworthy name in different markets.

Aiming for market expansion

Expanding borders is a common goal BW Lists for many companies. Whether multinationals or those looking to make this move for the first time. Entering a new country, with a new culture, habits and expectations on the part of the public is not the only challenge. helps deal with larger issues, such as government policies that. May prevent these companies from operating. Some countries impose restrictions on the arrival of new companies. Limiting markets and controlling the freedom of foreign companies.

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