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They bond and end up sharing the slice and starting a new friendship. Friendship day – dominos campaign friendship day – dominos campaign in its first major ad campaign. Snapchat’s ‘real friends’ highlights the stories of snap users who have been able to connect through the app. It highlighte individual stories of friends from 12 different countries and use quotes “from 15 luminaries and famous figures”. That was showcase on billboards. Read: ‘how to get more views and followers on snapchat’ for more information on using the platform. Snapchat ‘real friends’ campaign bilboard snapchat ‘real friends’ campaign bilboard sex and intimacy are also part of this social nees hierarchy. Replens focuse on sex in older people with the tagline ‘sex never gets old’.

The billboards and posters

The billboards and posters were shot in black and white showing people of all ages and genders in intimate embraces or simply touching. Replens ‘sex never gets old’ campaign replens ‘sex never gets old’ campaign in africa. A new campaign focuse on sexual health wante to take away any fear and focus on pleasure. ‘treasure your pleasure’ is a digital campaign that aims to create a safe space for youth in africa to talk about sex freely. Reucing shame while also advocating for safe sex and the importance of pleasure. This could also fit into the safety category of the pyramid. Treasure your pleasure campaign treasure your pleasure campaign takeaway: family. Friendship. And intimacy can be powerful tools in your messaging and they can be use by many brands and industries to communicate and engage an audience.

Remember that you can always use events such as national friendship day

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Remember that you can always use events such as national friendship day or world sexual health day to create interesting and relevant content. Check out our ‘2023 social meia calendar’ for important dates you can leverage. Create engaging content campaigns your audience wants! It can be tricky to create content that offers solutions and drives engagement. Our short content marketing course will teach you how to create detaile personas. Make an seo strategy. Conduct keyword research. Use creativity and storytelling. And measure campaign performance. Enroll today to create engaging content that performs. Boost your career.

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