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These actions can be link together with the use of technologies, for example, the implementation of e-commerce platforms with features that best meet the needs of the business. In this article, Capterra compiles different data relat to e-commerce BW Lists that were publish in surveys carri out during 2022 – the methodology of each study is available at the bottom of the text. This material points out possible trends in the area for the year 2023. 1- The use of cell phones as the main online shopping channel will be even greater In the study on mobile commerce, published under the title Mobile commerce: Brazilians frequently use cell phones to shop online , 6 out of 10 online consumers (64%) defin themselves as Mobile First.

The use of cell phones as the main online

This means that these people primarily prefer to use their mobile phone over other mobile devices such as a computer or tablet to perform different types of tasks online. Since the cell phone is already the favorite of users, support is also consolidated in terms of purchases. This is because the Capterra study shows that respondents generally British Indian Ocean Territory B2B List use mobile phones more than computers to shop online. In most cases, these consumers prefer to carry out the transaction directly on the store’s website rather than using a branded application to do so. And what makes people enthusiastic about cell phones when buying? According to the Capterra study, the differential of purchasing via mobile devices is the ease of access (65%), since the user can make his purchase at any time and from anywhere.

Creating a responsive version

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We gather insights for companies to work on e-commerce strategies in 2023 On the contrary, respondents also listed the main difficulty of the device, and digital security was the most cited item (51%). This result is not surprising: with a scenario of increased theft of cell phones , the risk of digital fraud also increases through improper purchases through the accounts of the owner of the mobile device. tip for companies Creating a responsive version of a website, which adapts to different screen types, is mandatory for online stores that intend to offer a good user experience, regardless of the device used by the consumer.

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