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A continental expanse, six types of biomes and a vast and diverse culture influenced by different peoples: Brazil has tourist destinations for all tastes. Brazilians, even more used to traveling abroad, seem to be willing to discover national destinations . And not only him: there is also an interest of foreigners in getting to know the country, since recently BW Lists there are records of the increase in the issuance of visas to people from abroad. In addition, from January to July 2022, tourists from outside Brazil spent around 2.7 billion dollars here. The boom in tourism means more guests moving through the halls of accommodation – and that also means dealing with a lot of bookings, cancellations, changes, plus all the operational and managerial tasks of the hotel.

The main consequence of digitization

Using a hospitality system can help automate many of these activities. Some businesses in the tourism sector have already realized the importance of using technology. According to a survey released by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), 85% of Brazilian companies operating in tourism have already digitized their operations. The main Uruguay B2B List consequence of digitization was that companies began to market their products over the internet. However, many other hotel, resort or inn management tasks can be automated using a hotel system. In this article, Capterra selected six popular hotel management software options on the market. The methodology used to choose the listed tools can be found at the end of the article.

Hotel systems can provide billing

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What are the features of a hotel system? The hotel system is capable of helping to automate marketing, reservations, governance management and billing related to accommodations. Its functionalities can be divided between those visible to the public (front line) and those behind the scenes. Front-line features: some features of direct contact with guests include booking engine, online check-in/check-out and internet control for each reservation. Behind-the-scenes capabilities: Hotel systems can provide billing and cash balance data, management tools for maintenance and cleaning, as well as information about room occupancy and changing reservations. Another feature of hotel management systems is cloud data storage.

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