More than half of employees surveyed by Capterra say they are monitored at work

The use of work monitoring tools is a reality in the Brazilian market, as shown by the new Capterra survey on monitoring employee activities during working hours. That’s because about 55% of employees said their employer uses some activity tracking tool. This number is the result of the sum between the implementation of monitoring systems carri out before and after the restrictions resulting from the health crisis. worth knowing Capterra data BW Lists  indicate that the pandemic, a period in which many professionals migrat to remote or hybrid work , did not lead to an increase in the use of monitoring systems. Prior to the implementation of restrictions because of the health crisis, 40% of respondents report that their companies already use employee monitoring programs. Lesser than that, 15% said their company had implement the systems after COVID-19 restrictions were tighten.

Looking at the data in depth

Brazilian companies even seem to be the most motivat to monitor their employees, since the percentage in Brazil is the highest in relation to other countries analyz in the same survey, as shown in the graph below: Research shows that Brazil is the country where companies most carry out employee monitoring compar to four other nations The survey was carri out between the 11th and 16th of February and had the participation of 706 employees Kenya B2B List from companies throughout Brazil. The complete methodology is describeat the end of the article. Looking at the data in depth, employee monitoring tools appear more present in Brazilian companies with more than 1,000 employees, as 72% of workers in this type of company said that their employers use a system for tracking (again, were data referring to the implementation before and after the pandemic are add.

Different activities can be track

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What is an employee monitoring tool? The employee monitoring system is use to record worker activities and information throughout their work routine. Different activities can be track by this type of system, such as login and logout times, idle time, website access history, in addition to the possibility of carrying out surveillance by webcams. There are different types of tracking solution available on the market – some of them are known as bossware –, depending on the activity you want to closely monitor. Examples of this type of system are: 1. Employee monitoring software : it can capture the worker’s screen and show which websites or applications were access and for how long.

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