Most access social networks more than 10 times a day

We show in this graph which social networks are most used Instagram has more users than Facebook The order occupied by each tool in the ranking can even cause some surprise, with Instagram in front of Facebook. After all, Facebook is the most veteran platform out of the top three; however, when going in depth about the use of social networks, the game’s turnaround BW Lists seems to be recent. A survey conducted by Emplifi shows both an increase in audience and engagement on Instagram in the last year. For businesses that want to use one of these platforms as a marketing channel, it is important to understand the particularities of each one of them. The three aforementioned social networks offer the possibility of creating business profiles, which offer different features compared to personal profiles, and have dedicated pages that help with setting up a professional account.

Instagram Business and Facebook Business

WhatsApp Business, Instagram Business and Facebook Business . After creating the account and getting started in the world of social media, companies also have the option of implementing social media management platforms to automate Singapore B2B List content publishing and perform performance analysis. More than half of respondents use TikTok TikTok, a social network for short videos, has found a lot of adherence in Brazil. According to a survey published by Exame magazine, the country is the second that most uses this social network in the world. In the Capterra survey, 64% of respondents said they use TikTok. Compared to the use of other social networks, this platform has become especially popular for the thematic challenges, usually based on some choreography.

The use of TikTok by respondents

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In terms of age, the platform is especially popular with Millennials (51%) and respondents who declared themselves to be Gen Z (21%), as shown in the chart below: The use of TikTok by respondents In the case of generation Z, among the Capterra survey respondents, TikTok consolidates itself as the social network most used by this age group, displacing platforms with more market time, such as Instagram (19%) and Facebook (17%). In addition to TikTok, another video social network has a relatively good presence in Brazil. This is Kwai. If the first became popular for its little dances, the second became famous for its short videos with turnaround stories and moral lessons.

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