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Non-traditional subscriptions: these are more segment types of online subscriptions that offer services or deliver products on a regular basis, such as boxes of beauty or entertainment products (cosmetics or books, for example), supplies products (such as coffee capsules) , fitness/wellness platforms and educational platforms. With that in mind, we investigat which are the favorite models, indicating that traditional subscriptions are the most BW Lists prevalent among respondents – 58% said they have subscriptions to this model. Traditional subscription services are preferr by respondents To a lesser extent, 5% declar that they subscrib to non-traditional subscriptions – in this context they refer to product boxes, supplies, among others, as mention above; already 31% have both types: traditional and non-traditional.

The Capterra study even shows

Services will gain more popularity, according to respondents If for consumers the subscription model stands out for its convenience, for businesses that bet on this type of service it can be a way to diversify and increase their revenues. A report publish by Gartner (available in English to subscribers) predicts that, by 2024, subscriptions will India B2B List contribute 20% to revenue growth for digital commerce organizations. The Capterra study even shows that the participants themselves agree at some level that companies will invest more in the subscription business model going forward – 58% strongly agree with the statement and 34% somewhat agree; only 7% neither agree nor disagree and 1% disagree to some degree. Additionally, 91% agree to some degree with the statement that the subscription business model will be an increasingly popular way to obtain products and services – 61% strongly agree and 30% somewhat agree with this statement.

Majority would be interest

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Finally, just over half of respondents (54%) feel that if brands they like offered convenient product delivery via a subscription model, they would be willing to subscribe. Consumers would subscribe to brands they like Majority would be interest in non-traditional subscription services As stated earlier, 58% of respondents are currently subscribed to traditional subscription services. At the time of the survey, this group did not have non-traditional subscriptions nor had they done so in the past. The interest in this type of service, however, is high, since only 19% do not see the relevance of carrying out this type of subscription.

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