What is the most popular social network in Brazil?

In how many social networks should my company be present Specialists heard by Folha de S. Paulo point out that the ideal is for the company to be present in more than one social network and, preferably, to be on platforms whose target audience has a connection with the brand’s audience. This is because, in the case of theft of a business BW Lists account, the business operation can continue to be carri out from another platform. In addition, experts also warn that the social media algorithm changes frequently, often harming engagement on the page. Having an account on different social networks helps you avoid these setbacks and keep publishing brand content. Capterra’s survey present nine social networks and ask respondents to evaluate the platforms individually to define, among a list of options, what type of activities they perform on each one of them.

Capterra’s survey present nine

In this context, comparing the alternatives list, the study show that the favorite platform for users to follow brands and companies is Instagram, as 58% mention using it for this purpose. On Facebook, this activity is perform by 44% of respondents and, in the case of Pinterest, 33% use it for this purpose. Social networks to follow brands or products Philippines B2B List Instagram also appears in first position with regard to following artists and celebrities (41% use the social network with this intention); however, TikTok and Twitter also seem to have relevance in this activity, as 27% and 22% of respondents, respectively, using these platforms to follow artists and celebrities.

Social networks to follow brands

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To follow artists and celebrities Compar to other social networks, Instagram also stands out in terms of “following influencers”, since 44% carry out this action on the social network. In the case of TikTok, this percentage reaches 35%, while in Kwai it is 26% – both surpass more traditional social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Social networks to follow influencers Specifically in relation to influencers, companies can include them in the strategy of publicizing their products or services. In the communication market, there are influencers from the most diverse segments and also with different amounts of followers.

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