MP Quadro, the cinema advertising dealership that is for you

Mp quadro, the cinema advertising dealership that is . For you over 30 cinemas, including the space cinema . And starplex, 250 screens and a wide audience of potential customers. Learn how to advertise with us. Comforted armchairs, an agross audience and an exciting film: people go to the cinema . Because they want to be involved in the spectacular film,.  The drama/comicity of the scenes and the strength of the images. They want to live an adventure that can transport them to another dimension . For an evening, without having to think about everyday problems. Let’s take a look at last year’s numbers: in 2017 alone, 

Why does advertising at the cinema work?

Think if even a small percentage of the audience New Data had seen the commercial . Of your business, screened before the start of the film. We’re talking about a really large number of viewers, don’t you think? We talk about this to explain to you that advertising at the cinema is a possibility to consider.  Within everyone’s reach and that can give you great satisfaction.. We are not talking about investing millions of euros to make a spot.  On the contrary – and our 400 and over satisfied . Customers can confirm it – you can advertise at the cinema with lower.  Figures and still see your spot on the big screen.

A commercial at the cinema is spectacular and exciting

Mpquadro pubblicità al cinema why does advertising at the cinema work? BW Lists Advertising at the cinema is not like advertising on tv or on the radio. And we immediately explain what it differs. Viewers are focused on the big screen . At the cinema, viewers are focused on the screen from the moment they sit down. They are more emotionally involved . And willing to receive advertising messages and, contrary to how.  They react to television and radio advertising, they do not have the ability.  To change the channel to avoid them; a commercial at . The cinema is spectacular and exciting a well-built and impactful . Spot is more easily imprinted on the minds of viewers, who will also . Remember him at the end of the film when they return to everyday life;

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