Everything You Need to Know About EAT Google Algorithm

One of the factors that Google hopes site owners will pay attention to is the E.A.T. Google algorithm.

Sit back and get comfortable because the information about E.A.T. is contained in a 170-page volume called the “Search Quality Rater Guidelines”. 

Together, we’ll pore over this document, word by word, to find out everything you need to know about the E.A.T. Google algorithm.

What is E.A.T. Google Algorithm?

To understand what E.A.T. really is, you have to be aware that there are, right this very minute, over 10,000 people all over the planet who are evaluating search results using…you guessed it…E.A.T. guidelines.


Well, to be fair, they’re also using the phonelist rest. Of the 170-page guidelines, but E.A.T. plays a big part. 


Each of those real live human beings is reviewing search results and judging which results out of a set of two better matches the E.A.T. criteria of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Isn’t that crazy?


Apparently, Google is very serious about E.A.T. So you need to be serious about it, too.

Is E.A.T. Hard to Get Right?

As far as your website goes, the same applies. If you want to match the criteria for Trustworthiness on a Website For E.A.T, then your site should be all of those things.


To demonstrate Trustworthiness on a website for E.A.T. you could:


Not link to low-quality sites

Not have a crazy amount of ads

Be transparent about any affiliate status

Not trick site visitors in any way

Offer real value

Provide quality content

Now, just so we’re clear. These ideas about BW Lists meeting the criteria for E.A.T. are not. There are others. These ideas are not the by-all and end-all of the ideas, these are just examples of some things that you could do, along with any more that you come up with yourself.

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