New support channels may have helped improve customer service

Live chat stands out among users because they feel they can better explain their problems when they write (54% highlight this advantage). However, possible connection problems, which could cause an interruption or prevent contact with the company, are seen as a disadvantage of this service channel (49%). Tips for using live chat Be patient BW Lists with the customer: for 50% of those interview, it is an advantage to be able to do other things at the same time as they are being attend to – do not lose the thread of the conversation if he takes a long time to respond. online form Having a record of the document or written proof of the contact made is what makes the written form stand out among users (62% cit this factor).

Tips for using live chat Be patient

When using this means of contact, according to consumers’ experience, the response tends to take 2 to 3 days to arrive – 49% declar this range of days. Tip for using online form Be agile: 62% of respondents see the risk of never getting a response with Tunisia B2B List the online form. To convey confidence to your customer, send an email confirming receipt of the message and, if possible, inform a maximum deadline for the response. Online documentation When it comes to online documentation, people see the possibility of performing other tasks at the same time when using it as an advantage of this channel (59%). On the downside, people think that online documentation (58%) is usually limit to the most common issues regarding the service or product.

The clearer and simpler

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Tip for using online documentation Avoid difficult language : 42% felt that documentation language is often too complex. The clearer and simpler your text is, the better for the customer to understand it. chatbot For 70% of respondents, the asset of chatbots is precisely their availability at any time and day, allowing the customer to always have the service at their disposal. But there are also disadvantages: 60% believe that they are not capable of solving complex or specific problems. Tip for using chatbot Structure the service : Almost half of respondents (47%) believe that chatbots can be frustrating because they are repetitive.

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