Non-traditional subscriptions and their particularities

One of them is the subscription service of fitness or wellness platforms: 34% of respondents who have non-traditional subscriptions declar an interest in subscribing to this model. Most are interest in platforms that take care of mental health For fitness and wellness platforms, most people (43%) would also pay between BRL 21 and BRL 50 to access BW Lists services in this category. Another 36% would be interest in signing up for an e-learning platform – the chart below shows which options they favor. Most interest parties (35%) would pay between R$21 and R$50 to sign up for this type of service. Most respondents are interest in learning a new language For all categories, the frequency that stakeholders would be willing to pay for a non-traditional subscription is monthly (75%).

Use the right tools

If Capterra’s survey data on subscription services show that there may be a possibility to explore the model in your company, below are some tips that can help make this plan a reality. Consult with your customers: The first step towards a possible creation of subscription services is to consult current customers about the type of Iran B2B List subscription they would possibly consume, how much they would be willing to pay for the model and how often they would like to receive it. A good way to gather consumer opinion is through a survey tool . Use the right tools: Once you decide to invest in a subscription service, make sure you have the right tools to make your product viable. For example, in the case of a physical product, ensure that your stock can meet all demand.

Many promotional campaigns

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Offer some benefit: one of the differentials of subscription services is the possibility for the customer to test it for a period of time before hiring it, so consider putting this type of action into practice. Beyond the trial period, offering discounts to encourage consumers to sign up for your product can be a way to bring in more customers. Many promotional campaigns start with a digital ad creat using social media marketing software . Offer flexibility: another differential of subscription products is the possibility to choose which type of service will be deliver, from the most basic to the most complete. Be creative when devising the options to be offer to consumers.

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