Now the price of coaching is

For example, it has helped me tremendously that I only set a few goals, break them into projects and finally tasks and schedule them.  great success, and that’s why I want to tell my students about it as well. Now the basic training is 12 weeks long and the pro training 20 weeks. The material is published once a week, which makes its implementation more efficient and it is easier to break a large entity into smaller parts.

This operating model has brought me

 the coaching content has been worth the full price . #awesome #thank you so much How did I launch a 22575 euro online course? What will new data I do differently next time? I’m super happy with the November-December launch, because I handled it independently (once again and with the exception of course, Riita’s help in creating the website and the course platform). I want and need an assistant for this, with whom it will be nice to do the next launch together. have now been corrected and although there are still a few things left “in the teeth”, it is now easier to deal with them after a successful launch. 1. I contact partners earlier I have already contacted the partners and started the training with them. 2 webinars/FB live, marketing material and effective tips for marketing. It’s almost new students to the next group. YAY! 2.

The training includes

I use old posts and write new ones from a new perspective I will definitely use the already written posts during the new launch, but I want to change the perspective a bit. I have allocated a lot of time to write new posts and I have divided the production of content on a weekly basis. posts and the next week only emails. 3. I will update the last 2 videos of the workshop I am very satisfied with the workshop BW Lists videos, but I want to update the last two videos. These change the perspective to match the overall marketing campaign.

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