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To the north, the Caquines Strait introduces ocean weather into the San Joaquin Delta, which brings cooling effects to Stockton and Sacramento, so these cities are also cooler than the central valley cities in the south. The Bay Area is home to a variety of wildlife, and together with the connected San Joaquin Delta represents one of the most important ecological habitats in California. [101] California treasure crabs, Pacific halibut and California scorpions are all important components of the Gulf fishery.

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 [The salt marshes in the 102] bay now represent most of California’s remaining salt  new database  marshes and support many endangered species and provide key ecosystem services, such as filtering pollutants and sediments in rivers. [103] The most famous is that the Gulf is a key link in the Pacific migration route. Millions of coastal birds come to the Gulf Shoal as a refuge every year, which is the most important component of the Alaskan south migration route.

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[104] Many endangered birds have also been found here: California terns, California slab gulls, snowclones and black crown egrets. [105] Images of otters basking in the sun on rocks. The otter basking on the rocks of Richmond’s inner harbor also has a significant diversity of salmon. For  BW Lists  man-made and natural reasons, the number of hard-headed fish in California has fallen sharply; in the Gulf region, California’s natural and man-made hard-headed fish stocks under the insurmountable barrier from the

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