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In addition to being the brand with the most subscriptions in Brazil among streaming platforms, it was consider the most sought after by Brazilians in 2022, according to the Consumer Brand Index ranking (content in English). However, not all companies have the same degree of recognition by the public. This may be the case for many companies that BW Lists belong to the non-traditional subscription model. In this sense, it seems to be important for brands to find ways to reach potential customers. According to Capterra data, the majority of people who are subscrib to some non-traditional subscription service usually discover this subscription model through online advertisements (74%). How consumers choose product subscriptions.

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This result is not surprising, since a previous survey by Capterra on purchases via social networks had already shown that, for 60% of respondents, paid brand advertising is the type of content that most influences them to buy through these channels. Tip for businesses: Digital ads are pieces of advertising that can appear in online videos or audios, banners on websites, search engine results or on social networks. Tools like social media Cyprus B2B List marketing software , display advertising and video marketing software can help with creating and distributing digital campaigns across different channels. Second, 48% were influenc by recommendations. Often associat with family and friends, the indication may be base on the opinion of other users of a service. For this, it is worth encouraging customers to leave reviews about their experiences, collecting them with the help of review management software and reputation management programs.

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Non-traditional subscriptions and their particularities In the context of the recurrence economy, in which services and products are offer through a subscription, different models have emerg : car subscriptions, coffee capsules, wine, beverages, items for pets, among others. Although, the Capterra study, to facilitate the analysis of different types of non-traditional subscriptions, we investigat two models: Product-Based Subscriptions: Refers to Product Case Delivery Subscriptions and Product Replenishment Subscriptions. Although, Service-based subscriptions: refer to subscriptions to a digital service platform; Here, the fitness/well-being and e-learning platforms were discuss. The graph shows the number of subscribers for each model. Although, In the recurrence economy, consumers subscribe to different types of products or services.

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