How much do people usually spend on purchases via social networks?

Among survey participants who have never shopp via social media and are not interest in doing so, cybersecurity also stood out among the impediments: 69% of this group are concern about security risks on these platforms. In addition, 58% said BW Lists they are afraid of scams and 48% said they are not comfortable sharing their personal data with these platforms. 5 steps to transmit security in social commerce 1- Always choose to use the corporate version of each social network, instead of using a personal account on these platforms for commercial purposes. 2- Fill in all profile information, including company address, opening hours and contact phone.Don’t leave your customers’ questions unanswer. Always answer them and use language in tune with your brand identity.

Fill in all profile information

Offer safe and reliable payment methods payment systems usually already include data protection features. 5- Use cybersecurity tools to ensure safe storage of your customers’ data; Policy management software is also an option to help organize Maldives B2B List issues such as terms and conditions of sales. And what would make these people change their minds? For respondents who have never purchased but are interested in making a purchase via social media, 68% said they would do so under the condition that the platform uses a secure payment method. Check out three other factors list by survey participants: Factors that would convince people to buy through social networks Among respondents who said they would never buy and are not interest in buying through this channel, 46% said that one item that could make them change their position would be the use of verifi seller accounts.

Check out three other factors list

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Verifi accounts can be a convincing factor for purchases on social networks It is worth emphasizing that, of those who have never purchas via social media and are not interest in doing so, 2 out of 10 (26%) stat that none of the options present by Capterra would change their mind –apart from the options list in the chart, “discounts and promotions available only on social networks”, “if it were easier/intuitive” and “other factors” were also suggest. Research highlights on the use of social networks for online shopping In this survey, we present insights that can guide companies and brands in their work through social commerce.

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