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What is dark social web traffic dark social web traffic is any visit to your website that analytics software can’t accurately determine the source of, including traffic redirected from a secure (https) website to a non-secure (http) url. This is often labeled as “direct” referral traffic in google analytics and other platforms.

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Create a Social Listening Strategy

Create a patterned backdrop for sharing a feed post. Is adding a custom backdrop necessary when you share a feed post on your story? Goodness, no. But like wearing lipstick to a zoom meeting, sometimes it’s just nice to add some pizazz to something routine. Locarno beach picture with patterned backdrop

find the feed post that you’d like to share and screenshot it, cropping so it’s just the post.
Next, click the paper b2b email list airplane icon on that original feed post and select “add post to your story.”
stretch the feed post to fill the whole screen—this seems wild, i know, but this will make the final post into a tippable link to the original post.

Set Up Utes and Referral Links

Next, open your camera roll and add in the background pattern of your choice. Then, paste in the cropped screenshot of BW Lists your post on top and arrange or resize as you’d like. Upload the whole thing. Fill the background with a solid color. The default gradient backgrounds are nice and all, but sometimes, you’ve got something to say that can only be framed by a wall of blinding chartreuse.

Select a color from the palette swipe right to see additional color options, or press and hold down on any particular color to open up a rainbow gradient of choices. Once you’ve chosen a color.

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