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[93] Mount San Bruno separates San Francisco from San Mateo County. Along the San Francisco Peninsula, the gap between one and the crystal spring south of the Santa Cruz Mountains ( in the Santa Bruno Mountains allows marine weather to enter inland, even for cities along the peninsula and even as far as the southern city of San Jose Cause cooling effect. This weather pattern is also the source of delays at San Francisco International Airport.

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In Marin County, north of the Golden Gate Strait, two gaps north of the Moore Forest took cold    new data    air across the headland of Marin, with the greatest cooling effect reaching Santa Rosa. [95] Going inland again, Dongwan receives marine weather across the Golden Gate Strait and further spreads air through the Berkeley, Niles Canyon and Hayward Pass to the Rivermore Valley and Altamont Pass. Here, the resulting breeze is so strong that it has one of the largest arrays of wind turbines in the world. 

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 Russian River to the Aptos Creek, and San Francisco The drains in San Pablo and Suisun Bay are listed as threatened species by federal endangered species. [106] The silver salmon population on the central coast of California is the most endangered of many troubled salmon populations  BW Lists  in the area. The west coast of the United States includes people living in tributaries of San Francisco Bay. [107] The Chinook salmon on the coast of California was historically native to the Guadalupe River in San Francisco Bay.

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