Practical guide to creating a business Facebook page

Practical guide to creating a business facebook page.  Some basic information you need to know if you want to . Bring your business to facebook, setting the business page correctly. Whether you like it or not, the truth is this: facebook is an. Increasingly necessary tool for companies, including yours. It can be a gold mine for your business: it gives you visibility, it allows . You to intercept new potential customers, it helps you grow . The community of people interested in your products and services. You’re right, lately mark zuckerberg’s company hasn’t sailed in good waters . You see the worldwide scandal involving cambridge analytica.  Accused of stealing the data from millions of facebook users

Create the Facebook page for a company

 I want to personalize my communication. Special Data  Imageimage have you created a facebook page for your company? Do you want to check if that cha you already have is set in the correct way? You don’t know where to start? Start here: read and apply the basic rules to start your social adventure on the right foot. Create the facebook page for a company turn on your computer . Yes, to create your new page you need to work on the desktop side.  Not mobile – start the browser (e.G. Chrome) and access facebook by entering email or phone and password. You need to authenticate on the platform with credentials linked to your profile.  If you don’t have a facebook profile, create one by following the steps. 

Update the information of the page

Facebook aziendale Go to your home . and scroll through BW Lists the drop-down menu items that open by clicking . on the arrow at the top right; click on the “Create a page” item. In front of you, a screen appears with various possibilities to choose from. Identify the category of your business, click on the type of page that best suits your needs and continue. Facebook aziendale Let Facebook guide you in the basic information settings. At this point you could add a profile picture and cover image to the page. each with specific dimensions (170 x 170 pixels for the profile image. 820 pixels wide, and 312 pixels high for the cover image). If you don’t have the materials ready, you can still do it later. Facebook aziendale Welcome, now you are at the entrance of your new “casa”. It’s time to furnish her!

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