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To nurture relationships with potential customers, engage with consumers and work on brand recognition, it is important for companies to know the behavior of users in each social network. In this article, you will find information about the type of content that people like to consume, the reasons why they follow brands on social networks and which BW Lists categories of companies or products are preferr to follow brand news. How do users prefer to receive information from brands? There was a time when branded content was consider invasive – who hasn’t chang channels on TV when the ads start? On social networks, however, the scenario seems to be different, especially since on this channel people can choose which source they want to receive updates from by following a page that is of interest to them.

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Other recommendation preferences, albeit with a lower incidence, were also listed by respondents: By friends or family (25%); By digital influencers or celebrities (17%); By means of communication, such as newspapers or magazines (14%); By specialized Oman B2B List forums and communities (6%). Although occupying the third position, it is worth noting that 17% of respondents showed interest in receiving information about products and services through influencers or celebrities. Not surprisingly: research published by Valor Econômico shows that Brazil is the place where digital influencers are most relevant to the purchase decision. With that in mind, Capterra carried out a generational analysis of the main ways brands can invest in producing content: directly through their channels or through digital influencers/celebrities.

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In the cut by generations, there is an evident contrast. Although, For example, baby boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) are the ones who most prefer to receive recommendations or information directly from brands, while members of generation Z (born from 1996 onwards) are the ones who have the highest preference for receiving them from influencers or celebrities, as shown in the chart below: Generational cut in relation to the brand in social networks Another piece of information collected by Capterra refers to the frequency of searches for branded content. More than two-thirds (68%) reported using social media on a daily basis to seek information or news about brands on these channels.

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