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Perhaps for this reason the proportion of consumers who are more willing to purchase products and services from those brands that celebrate Pride (28%) and Juneteenth (24%) is relatively low. When it comes to spreading the wings of activism, brands would do well, on the other hand, to use social networks sparingly.

Marketing keys to jog to the frenetic gallop of Generation.

The Ipsos study shows that this is definitely not the best channel for top industry data brands to boast about their activism. 33% of consumers do not believe that 2.0 platforms are the most appropriate for disseminating messages of activism (compared to 28% who do rate this procedure as appropriate). 5 marketing keys to jog to the frenetic gallop of Generation.

Generation Z displays values ​​that are radically

Esther Lastra Written by Esther Lastra August 20, 2023 at 9:50 SHARE Twitter Generation BW Lists Z thinks and acts differently and brands must, therefore, win over younger people using different approaches. Busy in search of its own identity, Generation Z displays values ​​that are radically different from those of previous generations. And no one has the itch to haggle over the courtship of brands, many of which systematically run into the rudeness of centennials.

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