Reach new audiences by befriending amplifiers

Amplifiers are people with a large audience. They have the ability to share your content with their audience and send tons of traffic to your site. The easiest way to find amplifiers in your niche is to use SparkToro. Simply enter your topic or niche: Using SparkToro to find amplifiers However, just because you’ve found them doesn’t mean you can send them an email and expect them to promote your website. They’re not obliged to do that.

Reach newGet more views by turning your content into X threads

Our head of content, Joshua Hardwick, turned his post on AI industry email list content into an X (formerly Twitter) thread and got over 40,000 views: He barely even tweets! The best thing: You don’t have to start from scratch. Take one of your blog posts, paste it into Typefully, and add your blog post at the end of the thread: Using Typefully to create Twitter/X threads Don’t publish immediately. You’ll want to make sure it grabs attention. So edit according to these principles: 9. Rank for m

9. Rank for more Reach newlong-tail keywords with FAQ sections

People usually have tons of related questions when researching a topic. You’ll likely answer  most of them. But sometimes, there are a few that are difficult to weave naturally into your content. You can solve this by adding an FAQ section at the end of your article. That can potentially help your content rank for more long-tail keywords and get more BW Lists search traffic. An example of an FAQ section on an Ahrefs blog post For example, one of the questions we answered in our guide to H1 tags helped us rank for a long-tail keyword:

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