Remaining in the field

Remaining in the field Instead of the apostles.  Croyances et Liberté requeste the seizure of the advertising in court. And Girbaud lost the case at first instance. But later won on appeal. At the time. Around. This advertisement was censore by the municipality of Milan because it was deeme offensive towards religious sentiment. Anti. Smoking advertisement This advertisement spread a very important message. Stop smoking. The number of associations that try to encourage people to give up smoking is increasing. that an average smoker smokes cigarettes a year. Then finding himself trappe like a fish on a fisherman’s hook. This advertisement. Which became the subject of much discussion. Was deeme too harsh to watch. Especially for children. And was blocked.

The French Catholic group

Shows the windows of a  posters as part of the launch of seo expater bangladesh ltd the advertising campaign with a photomontage showing Pope Benedict XVI kissing on the lips Ahme el Tayyeb of Egypt. Imam of the Al. Azhar Mosque in Cairo. And the president of Unite States Barack Obama smooches with Chinese counterpart C Hu Jintao. Marithé and François Girbaud The French company Marithé and François Girbaud suffere censorship of one of its advertising campaigns create in. The image takes up Leonardo’s Last Supper in an all. Female version. Where there were twelve models. Some of whom were wearing the jeans.

Benetton store covere with

Which dates back to. Benetton has chosen to fight stereotypes. Making freedom of thought its mission. The Unhate guerrilla marketing campaign. Which swept the cities of Milan and Rome. Was an invitation to world leaders to fight the culture of hate. The photo of Pope Benedict XVI kissing the Imam of Cairo made the around the world. Receiving very strong criticism. From Cairo came the harsh protest of the grand imam of the al Azhar mosque in Cairo. Ahme el Tayyeb. Who had state that it was an absurd and irresponsible image. The Holy See. Through a press release. Also announce that it had instructe its lawyers. In Italy and BW Lists abroad. To take appropriate action to prevent the circulation of the photomontage. Photograph taken on November.

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