Research shows Brazil ahead of other countries in the use of messaging

In the context of lives, a concept that became famous during the COVID-19 pandemic, when brands were looking for ways to maintain their sales , was live-commerce. Also called streaming sales , this type of approach includes the creation of BW Lists online events in real time to publicize products and offers, mixing commercial presentation with entertainment. How to create live stream Many social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, have native features for creating live streams. However, to hold a more professional event, there is also the possibility of using streaming software , which offer extra event moderation features. Even in the software market, there are options for free programs to make lives. Consolidating the above information into a graph, we have the following breakdown of preference by content format.

News from entertainment brands

The favorite format to receive branded content News from entertainment brands are the most searched We know that respondents use social media to access branded content, but what kind of companies do they prefer to receive information on social media? Below, we have gathered the most cited categories in the Capterra survey: Entertainment (70%) Supermarkets (61%) Fashion (59%) Tourism and leisure, such as hotels and airlines (57%) Restaurants (54%) Electronics such as video games, software and hardware manufacturers, etc. (53%) Regardless of the Palestine B2B List category to be worked on, the possibility of developing creative content on social networks is unlimited. However, it is important to observe some particularities of each segment. For example, for brands related to tourism and leisure, an approach option is to bet on content that can inform the consumer about the existence of a certain place and inspire him to a possible purchase.

The preferred social networks

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In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to trends within certain areas, which can collaborate to create innovative content. Web analytics software and social network analysis tools can be a good thermometer to discover this type of information, as they provide data on user engagement with certain content and allow exploring the popularity of certain subjects. The preferred social networks for different activities related to contact with brands At some point, social networks were just a channel for interacting with friends and family; after a while, they also became a channel for users to follow companies, brands and celebrities.

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