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For 56% of respondents it will be entirely possible, while 41% believe it will be possible in some way. Only 3% are pessimistic and believe that it will never be the same as the shopping experience in a physical store. As stat earlier, it is expect that in commerce via the metaverse, virtual stores may be able to reflect the size, shape, and even BW Lists texture of a product in the real world. Currently, retailers can improve the visualization of a product online using programs to make videos , for example. However, even if there is hope in improving the visualization of goods, there are still those who feel skeptical about this fact. Of the 14% who said they are not interest in buying in the metaverse or are not sure they would, 31% believe that products will not look realistic in this modality.

The high cost of equipment

The reasons that would prevent people from embracing e-commerce through the metaverse. The data above is the result of the question “Why are you not interest in using the metaverse to make purchases?”. Despite this, it is not the most cite Grenada B2B List item by this group of respondents, since the main impediment to making purchases in the metaverse, according to them, is that they are concern about the use of their personal data (40%). Equipment price is a disadvantage in e-commerce through the metaverse The Capterra survey also investigat with respondents who are interest in making purchases in the metaverse what would be the advantages and disadvantages of transactions in this virtual environment.

Equipment price is a disadvantage

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For these interviewees, on the side of the disadvantages, the main impediment is the high cost of the equipment to access this digital universe (40%). The high cost of equipment is one of the disadvantages of shopping in the metaverse. One of the devices that can make the experience in the metaverse more immersive is virtual reality (VR) glasses, which allow the user to have a 360º view of situations within digital environments with immersive images and sounds. Although there are devices in different price ranges, to give you an idea of ​​the cost, the most recent VR device launched by Meta, a pioneering company in the development of the metaverse, reached the Brazilian market costing around R$8,000.

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