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In the worst case, he will ignore it and carry out the initial purchase plan. What’s more, the technical solutions implement on the website as part of up-selling and cross-selling campaigns not only serve the strategies themselves. But also expand the customer’s knowlge about the assortment available in the store. Help him find the right offer and encourage him to get to know new products. What marketing tools can support cross-selling? Marketing automation Cross-selling and up-selling campaigns bee more effective when you know your customer well.

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Pleting knowlge about his behavior and interests will allow you to make better, more precise product remendations. Marketing automation tools e in handy – they will allow you to collect the necessary data and use them in the selection of remendations display on dynamic banners, in pop-up notifications and in transactional database e-mails . Models such as “Others Also View” or “Most Bought Together” will make your customer display product suggestions bas on what other users have purchas and are interest in. Cross-selling and up-selling are relatively simple sales techniques with great potential. Properly appli, they encourage users to spend money in your store and increase the average profit per transaction.


Strategies To Encourage User Generated Content

It is therefore worth taking the first steps now and including them in the arsenal of your business strategies! How to increase sales and leads with marketing automation? Anna Idzior-Mironowicz October , You will read in ~ min. The hottest period in the e-merce industry is approaching us in great steps. This is the time for which online retailers are meticulously preparing, planning and establishing a strategy of operation in many sales channels. of the year we pete with the largest number of advertisers fighting for the attention of customers. Customers at this time also show the  greatest BW Lists purchase intention, both in terms of the number of transactions and their value.

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